I Don’t Just Teach Attraction Marketing… I Built My Business With It!


Pam Lawhorne

I guess you can say that I was one of those people who was born a “natural entrepreneur” because unlike other folks who have achieved massive success, it wasn’t something I set out to do… it was something I sorta fell into!

The crazy thing about my entire journey is that in the beginning, I didn’t have any type of business training or any formal education beyond my high school diploma.

But having grown up poor, what I did have was the desire to give my children a better life and my determination to succeed and with that I was able to start my first business out of my tiny apartment and money that I had set aside from one of my welfare checks.

By the end of my first year, my business was thriving and I could no longer run it from my apartment so I had to move it into an office space.

Then before I even realized what was happening it was growing again and then again!

And before I knew it we had expanded again into multiple corporations that ended up employing close to 50 employees and doing millions of dollars per year in sales.

Then in 2006, the economy crashed and the bottom fell out and I lost everything I had worked more than 16 years for.

I lost my businesses, my personal home, all of my rental properties, my vehicles, my entire investment portfolio and even most of my personal belongings.

Everything was gone!

When the dust settled I had no income coming in, couldn’t get a job, bad credit, multiple forecloses and was more than a million dollars in debt!

But instead of giving up, I decided to move on and started looking for ways to rebuild my life.

I had always been fascinated with the internet and after doing some research, discovered that I could make a lot of money online.

I had also been equally as interested in learning about the law of attraction and how you could use it radically change your financial situation.

So I made a decision to learn anything and everything I could so that I could begin a new career and bring in some much needed income for my family.

Within a very short period of time, I began to attract clients and the money began to freely flow in for me and that’s when my life began to change!

Very shortly afterwards I launched my coaching and training business because I wanted to provide to share the information with others so that they could achieve the same level of success that I have. 

You see one thing I’ve realized is that wealth isn’t simply how much money you have in your purse… you have to also encompasses internal wealth too which includes the mind, body and spirit connection.

I soon came to the realization that in order to do this I needed to completely change my mindset, which I did.

Because the reality is, in order for any of us to become wealthy, we must first accept the new realities of how wealth is now created using the internet.

So now I show others how they can achieve the same type of results and live the life of their dreams by reprogramming their mind and the way they think about money and how it’s earned by sharing that simple system with them.

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