3 Ways To Use Facebook Ads To Brand Your Business

Facebook AdsThere are few platforms on this planet with demographic data as accurate as Facebook‘s.

Because unlike data from other sites such as Google or Advertising.com Facebook‘s users actually provide a ton of their demographic information and to a marketers that information is priceless!

When it comes to marketing, a lot of money is spent on branding campaigns which means money is spent (i.e wasted) on ads that are seen by people who aren’t in your target market.

I mean how many times have you seen a commercial on TV or heard one on the radio for a product you could care less about???

But guess what?

Facebook is different!

Facebook allows you to hone your branding in to only your target market.

Your business will be consistently exposed to the right people, without you having to spend a ton of money marketing to the wrong people.

Not sure how to go about doing this?

Well here’s 3 ways you can use Facebook ads to help you brand your business.

Facebook Branding Tip # 1: Find Out How Much CPM Advertising Cost

Your CPM (Cost Per Impression) can vary widely based on a number of different factors.

Generally to advertise to a first world country with a moderate amount of demographic filters, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0.30 to $2 CPM.

Advertising in other countries will have vastly different rates.

It’s generally not a good idea to lump different countries into the same campaign or you’ll have skewed results and costs.

Just because Canada, Australia, the USA and the UK all speak English doesn’t mean they belong in the same campaign!

The number of filters you put on will also have an impact.

Much like any other free market, the more competition there is to advertise to a certain demographic then the more you’ll end up paying!

Side Note: If you’re bidding CPM on Facebook you’ll probably get fewer clicks than if you spent the same amount of money while bidding CPC (Cost Per Click).

Once you know then you can begin using it accordingly!

Facebook Branding Tip # 2: Target The Right People

Start with the basics: What age, gender and location is your target market in?

Once you have this information, that’s when you’ll be able to narrow down your demographics further by their earning power, political leanings and education.

You can also further narrow down your target market by targeting specific interests and if I were you then I would also make sure to check for any related interests as well.

Now don’t just type in “branding”… think outside the box and check for similar fields such as “marketing” and “promotions” for example.

Facebook Tip # 3: Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page

One powerful way to use Facebook to improve your brand is to drive traffic to your Facebook page rather than your home page.

Give people a freebie in exchange for them clicking “Like”.

For example give them a 20% discount coupon or give them a free video.

Once someone has liked your post you’ll show up in their feed.

Now you can get your brand in front of them time and again – for free.

You can also use connection targeting to advertise only to people who’ve already “liked” your page.

You’ll usually get a much higher ROI this way.

In addition to highly effective targeting tools, Facebook also has stellar tracking tools.

You can track exactly how many people have seen your ads and how often they’ve seen your ads.

When it comes to targeted branding, there are few tools as powerful as Facebook.

Success & Blessings!


Wealth With Pam

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