5 Important Tools That Consultants Need For Better Project Management

If you’re an online business consultant, then you already know that having great tools will help make managing your projects a whole lot easier.

Having the right tools will enable you to share files seamlessly, communicate easily, reduce down time and increase accountability.

So here are five important tools that I feel every consultant needs for better project management.

Tool # 1: Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management systems on the web.

It’s entirely web based and supports the vast majority of project management tasks you’ll need.

It has a discussion boards, milestones tracking, projects tracking, file uploads and more.

Larger businesses might find that Basecamp doesn’t quite address all their needs, but most small businesses find that Basecamp offers a great bang for the buck.

Tool # 2: Google Docs

If you have spreadsheets and documents that need to be edited regularly, instead of storing it in a regular file, it often makes sense to store it in a Google Docs file.

For example, if you’re in a sales team, it might make sense to store your sales metrics in one spreadsheet on Google Docs.

That way, whenever someone makes a sale, that person can just change their sales number in the spreadsheet.

Whenever someone changes something on Google Docs, the changes are immediately reflected on everyone’s screen.

It’s like a collaborative document that changes in real time.

Tool # 3: Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to backup and share files quickly and easily. Here’s how it works…

First, you select a folder. This will be your Dropbox folder.

Anything in this folder is automatically uploaded to Dropbox and backed up.

If you work out of your Dropbox folder, you more or less insure that you’ll never be crippled by having your data wiped out.

You can share folders with other people.

If you’re running a project with a group of people, often time’s it makes sense to store all the files your group needs in one

Dropbox folder. That way everyone can upload, access or edit those files.

Tool # 4: Skype

Skype offers the best of all worlds when it comes to messaging services.

First, you have instant messaging. If you need to get a message across quickly, Skype can do it.

Then you have audio and video calls. If you need to talk more in depth with someone about something, Skype can help.

If you have team members that aren’t working side by side, Skype can help bridge that gap.

Tool # 5: Wiki

Having your own internal wiki is a great way to store procedures, processes, tips and answers to common questions.

For example, you can use a wiki to store all the common answers to email inquiries that media or customers may send you.

These are just a few project management tools that a online business consultant can benefit from.

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  • karla

    I can say that I use Dropbox and Skype and one more tool which is not here Comindware task manager that is a tooo for team collaboration, task delegation and many other options that are necessery for an online consultannt.

    • Pam

      Hi Karla!

      I’ll have to check into that one. I haven’t heard of it before. Is it pretty user-friendly?

      Thanks for the heads up!