5 Savvy Marketing Tips That Will Help You Write More Conversational Blog Posts


What is your blog’s goal? For most blog owners the goal is to connect with their reader and provide information.

Through this information, aka blog posts and content, you are able to establish your business and generate an income.

The more conversational your blog posts, the easier it is to create that connection with your reader.

Think about it like this: would you rather talk to someone who is formal and stiff or someone who makes you laugh, think and feel relaxed?

Generally conversational blog posts are much easier to read and they’re more interesting to read.

And they help your reader feel closer to you – like you’re talking to them personally.

If you are someone who usually struggles to write conversational blog posts then these 5 tips are for you!

Savvy Marketing Tip # 1: Consider Dictating Your Content

Many people struggle to convert their thoughts into the written word and the result is formal and often disorganized.

If you’re “not a writer” then skip that step and instead use one of the many marvelous dictation tools available now and dictate your blog content.

For example, if you have an iPhone you can send yourself a text message with your dictated blog post.

You can use Dragon Naturally Speaking and any number of other tools.

Once you have the content dictated, then you can go through it and edit, format, tweak, and publish.

Savvy Marketing Tip # 2: Write As If You’re Writing To A Friend

You talk to your friends differently than you probably talk to your prospects and customers because you’re more conversational.

Consider putting a picture of a friend in front of you as you write if you have trouble getting into this mindset.

Savvy Marketing Tip # 3:  Ask Questions… And Lots Of Them!

Conversations are two way, right?

You don’t just talk at people – you ask questions and invite their input and feedback.

So do the same in your writing then ask questions… and lots of them!

Then invite comments and feedback form your readers.

Savvy Marketing Tip # 4: Use Simple Words And Simple Sentences

Yes, some people talk in run-on sentences.

They don’t pause and they don’t take a breath.

These generally aren’t people that are pleasant to talk to and content that contains run-on sentences isn’t fun to read.

Keep your sentences short and sweet!

Additionally, it’s not enjoyable to talk to someone who uses words that you don’t know.

For example, they throw in jargon, acronyms, and words you haven’t heard since your 10th grade spelling bee.

Keep your language simple and easy to understand.

Savvy Marketing Tip # 5: Easy To Read Formatting

Finally, formatting isn’t necessarily part of the writing process however, it is part of your reader’s experience.

Large blocks of content are difficult to read online so keep your paragraphs short.

Use formatting like bullets and numbers to separate ideas when appropriate and use subheadings to introduce the next idea or paragraph.

The more you write conversational copy, the easier it will become.

Remember what you like to read and pay attention to those features as you write for your audience.

Success & Blessings!




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