5 Tips To Help You Launch A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral Marketing

Would you like to learn how you can launch a really successful viral marketing campaign?

Well getting your content to go viral is both a matter of producing killer content geared to the viral space and proper planning and here’s how you can do both!

Viral Marketing Tip # 1: Come Up With The Core Concept

The core idea behind your viral campaign should be something that’s completely unique or it can be a twist on an extremely popular idea.

It helps to know your audience really well to come up with these ideas.

Playing off existing memes can really help viral campaigns take off.

Viral Marketing Tip # 2: Know The Viral Space

What tends to go viral? As a rule of thumb, things that are really shocking, funny, interesting or unique can really go viral.

Also, things that are geek-funny can do very well on Reddit and Digg.

If you don’t regularly visit sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon, start doing so right away.

It’s the only way you’ll truly understand what your audience is looking for.

Viral Marketing Tip # 3: Plan Your Distribution

Before you create your content plan where you want to distribute it.

Are you going to put it?

  • On StumbleUpon?
  • On Digg?
  • On Reddit?
  • On YouTube?

There are specific strategies you can employ with each strategy to try to get more exposure.

For example, StumbleUpon’s paid stumble system works quite well, while Reddit’s still needs some work.

On some systems buying a high reputation account to post your content from can dramatically increase your chances of ranking.

Viral Marketing Tip # 4: Create Your Content

Put a lot of time, energy and attention into the actual content piece.

It’s more important than anything else, including strategy planning.

If possible try to create your content in such a way that there can be a Part 2, that way you can easily piggyback off a successful campaign.

Try not to brand your first run.

Don’t put your logo on your infographics and don’t put your brand in your YouTube videos.

Instead come back and add them in later.

Self-promotion is very much frowned upon in social bookmarking communities.

Viral Marketing Tip # 5: Plan Out Your Launch

Launch your viral campaign and keep a very, very close eye on it.

A lot of opportunities can float by if you’re not keeping tabs on it.

Anytime someone links to you, send them a “Thank You” note.

Start to build a relationship with them.

Don’t just get that one link from them, it can easily turn into many more links.

Watch your server closely.

If you hit the front page of Reddit or Digg you can literally receive 100,000+ hits in a few hours.

That can easily crash shared hosting, VPS hosting and even dedicated servers.

If you watch your launch carefully and maximize your returns while minimizing problems, provided you have good content, you stand a good chance of going viral!

Success & Blessings!



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