Here’s Why You Should Be Using Videos To Market Your Business

If you’re not using videos to market your business then you may want to reconsider…

Videos can be extremely valuable as a marketing tool, especially when it is done the right way!

Here’s the top 3 reasons why you should be using videos to market your business…

Reason # 1: Videos are cost effective

Reason # 2: Videos are high in demand

Reason # 3: Videos helps drive traffic to your website

One of the things I’m well know for is my content… specifically article marketing, having written more than 750 articles over the last few years.

It’s not that this information is new to me or that I didn’t know about these statistics.

The truth is, I just never really focused any of my marketing efforts toward videos.

But with that being said… that it about to change for me and I hope it will for you too!

So here’s how you can use videos to market your business.

Video Marketing Tip # 1: Create Your Video

Start by creating a video and uploading it to a website such as YouTube, which is one of the most popular video websites.

As a whole it seems that people are attracted to video presentations more than they are just sitting and reading something that has been written by someone.

Video Marketing Tip # 2: Be Personal

In your videos, you want to make sure you let people know who you are and what type of business you do.

Include your business name more than once throughout your videos but don’t overdo it!

You DO want to get your information out but you also don’t want your videos to seem like they are freakin’ television commercial!

Having a nice balance of the two allows you to promote your business through the videos, while at the same time letting people get to know you better!

Video Marketing Tip # 3: Use Keywords

Since our goal is to get in front of potential customers with our videos, you want to make sure that your niche keywords are used when tagging them.

Finding keywords can easily be done using a keyword tool and Google AdWords is one of the most effective keyword research tools plus I use it myself as well as many other successful marketers.

So in addition to uploading your videos to YouTube, you will also want to add the videos to your website.

Using videos on your website will bring in more visitors, and people respond to being able to see something instead of just reading it.

Simply put, with videos you are showing your visitors something, not just telling them about the product or services you are offering.

Video Marketing Tip # 4: Create Instructional Videos

Another great way that you can use videos to market your business is by creating webinars and instructional videos.

In these types of videos, you are going to be offering a lot of information that is free to viewers and provides them with information that they may not find elsewhere.

This form of marketing is a great way to educate the general public on your business, products and/or services.

Now in these videos you don’t have to go into a great deal of detail, but you do want to give your viewers enough information to get their curiosity going.

This will inspire your viewers to want more details about what you offer.

Using videos is a great way to give your visitors the whole package and gives them visual and auditory stimulation.

People seem to remember more of what they see and hear than what they read.

Overall, using videos is a valuable way to increase recognition of your business and a great way to retain customers.

Success & Blessings!





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