Learn How You Can Get Rid Of Your Fears, Take More Risks & Accomplish Your Goals

Dream Big!

If you work for yourself then you already know about taking risks.

The chances are you took a few risks to get your business off of the ground.

But there are still some of you entrepreneurs out there who don’t fully understand the importance of how fear can affect you and prevent you from taking even MORE risks!

You see… it’s really easy to become complacent in your situation especially when it comes to taking greater risks and facing your  fears.

The reason why people try to avoid taking more risks in their life can vary but most of the time it’s because they are afraid of failure.

Well today I just want to let you know that sometimes when you step out on faith and take some really BIG risks, those will usually be the ones with the biggest payoff!

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can use to move past any fears you might be facing and become someone who takes more  risks in both your business and your personal life.

Fear Removing Exercise # 1: Set BIG Goals

The first step to taking more risks in your life is to set BIG goals.

So what do I mean by “Big Goals“…

Well these are the kind of goals that make you tremble…

The ones that may make you think there’s no way you can accomplish it…

In other words… I want you to set goals that frighten the living CRAP out of you!

So make a list of the goals that you want to accomplish and allow yourself to think completely out of the box and “reach for the stars” as they say.

Don’t judge yourself and don’t allow fear to prevent you from writing down what it is that your heart and soul truly desires!

Just get your goals on paper and don’t think twice about how you’ll actually get there!.

Fear Removing Exercise # 2: Look At Your Best & Worst-Case Scenarios

Take a look at each of the BIG goals that you’ve set for yourself then make a list of the things that terrify you about that goal.

Then I want you to create a separate list of the things that excite you and make you happy about achieving that goal.

Now… imagine your life as if you’d never tried to achieve your goal then write out a paragraph that describes how your life looks.

Next I want you to write a paragraph from the perspective of someone who tried to achieve your goal but failed.

Once you’ve done this then I want you to answer this question:

What’s the worst thing that could happen if I fail to achieve this goal?

Then take a look at the other possibilities…

– How do you envision your life if you’ve successfully achieved that goal?

– How does your life change?

Most of the time when you are able to view a worst-case scenario and a best-case scenario, that’s when you realize almost immediately that the goal you want to achieve is worth taking more risks!

Fear Removing Tip # 3: Create A Contingency Plan For Yourself

Some people may advise against this until you get comfortable with setting outrageous goals, I want you to create a contingency plan or a “Plan B” when you begin to plan out how you will achieve your BIG goal.

Now creating a contingency plan does not mean that you are setting yourself up to fail, instead what it will do is help you feel safe in your efforts.

If your first attempts to achieve your goal don’t meet with success, then in your head you have a Plan B or another way to get there.

Sometimes, just having that “cushion” puts you in the comfort zone so that you can push forward and take more risks because you know that if it doesn’t work out something else will!

Success & Blessings!




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