Seven Tips To Quickly Become Confident & Build Your Coaching Business

Are you new to the coaching business?

Well if so then congrats and welcome aboard!

Starting a new coaching business can be fun and exciting, but when you’re just getting started – trying to get clients can seem like one of the most daunting tasks known to man!

And as a new coach, there will be times when you’ll have your good days and pick up new clients left and right and then there’ll be other times where the well will seem like it’s running dry!

But there’s a way that you can way that you can change all of that starting right now – starting TODAY!

So I’m going to share seven tips with you that will give you a boost of confidence you need to quickly build your coaching business.

Now perhaps you’re a consultant or a solo-professional and not a coach.

Well if so then just apply these same techniques to YOUR business.

Either way, when applied correctly you’ll quickly build you confidence and pick up more clients… probably more than you ever have in the past!

Tip # 1: Let Your Enthusiasm Shine Through!

Show perspective clients that you don’t  just love what you do but that you are passionate and excited about being able to help them with whatever issues they are going through.

Let your clients know you appreciate them and put them on a pedestal.

People love to be appreciated and the efforts you put forth will reward you with clients that keep coming back to you for more and more!

A lot of this has to do with attitude so build and maintain a positive attitude not just today, but every day!

Tip # 2: Be Clear, Concise And Knowledgeable About What You’re Offering

Don’t ever purposely misrepresent your products or services.

If your clients see that you know what you are talking about and that you can answer their questions, address their concerns and care about them, they will be more likely to turn to you (and refer others) when they are ready for assistance.

Tip # 3: Expect To Be Successful

Envision yourself closing deals clients like crazy!

What would it feel like to be as successful as you truly want to be?

Set goals and be determined to reach those goals.

How many clients do you want a month?




How much money are you making each month?




When you have these numbers in your head, it will allow you to keep focused because now you know what success really looks like!

Tip # 4: Collect Client Testimonials

This is a great way to build self-confidence plus it’s also a wonderful selling tool that you can use with new clients.

Reading testimonials from other clients can make you feel really good about your efforts and also serves as a reminder that as a coach you’ve been successful.

Tip # 5: Know Who Your Prospects Are

It’s important to know who your ideal client is and what it is that they need from you.

This will make it so much easier to bring them on as a client.

Having that knowledge will help you build the confidence you need.

Take time to study your prospects so you will know what products and services you need to present to them.

Tip # 6: Be Prepared To Seal The Deal

There’s nothing worse than being caught in a situation when a client is ready to do business and the coach isn’t prepared with packages and prices.

If you aren’t prepared you will find yourself stumbling over blocks that could result in you losing the client!

Tip # 7: Appearance Does Mean Something

This does not mean you have to always be dressed like you are going to a wedding but if you feel good about yourself, your level of confidence will increase too!

Confidence is something that sometimes comes natural and then sometimes you have to work in it.

There are times that you are not going to feel nearly as confident as you really want to be and this will come through to potential clients.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re on the phone or in person – always remember that you cannot let your clients see this side of you.

You don’t want them to view you as someone who is not in control, or can not assist them with their situation and most importantly – you do not want to view yourself as having failed either.

You’d be surprised but the energy and vibe that you give off makes a HUGE difference in the amount of people that you attract to you and trust me when I say it does have an effect on your coaching business!

So stay focused, be prepared and let the REAL you shine through!

Success & Blessings!





Wealth With Pam

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